Enjoy the taste of the region in your own Cottage. If you want to do nothing at all during your stay let yourself be pampered one evening by a real cook at home!

We have 3 options:

Herman Maessen, price indication € 50.00 per guest (minimum 8 guests)
Ine van den Boomen, price indication € 55,00 per guest
Bart Linssen, price indication € 65.00 per guest

To make your stay as smooth as possible, it is important that you consult with the Cook at Home of your choice well in advance of your stay.

Herman Maessen

If you set the table, we'll do the rest. Enjoy in your cottages a home-cooked dinner of your choice, expertly prepared by Herman Maessen.

In consultation he prepares a fine dinner for you. You decide what time you would like to dine.
What do you have to do yourself? Just setting the table is sufficient.
You can read all the information in this PDF.

Ine van den Boomen, vegetarian and vegan home cook

Are you on vacation or a weekend away and want to take the cooking off your hands?

Do you love delicious vegetarian and vegan food? Do you want to enjoy at the table with your family or friends? Then this is for you!
I cook fresh and varied and can take everything off your hands. And in the evening your kitchen is neat and tidy again.

From 8 persons or more I can arrange a 3-course dinner for 55,- p.p. This is excluding drinks.

Check out www.inevandenboomen.nl for more information or contact.

A Little Abart

Bart Linssen of bit.abart provides a restaurant at home experience. Enjoy a professional home chef providing an extraordinary 4 or 5 course dinner. No dishes!

groups of 6 to 20 people

4 courses per person €65
5 courses per person €75,-
Wine per bottle €25,-
pianist per hour €50,-
Package includes: bread, amuse and friandise. Napkins, crockery and cutlery.

For more info: www.beetje-abart.nl

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